The Pitch Doctor

aka Christoph Sollich in Berlin, Germany

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Whether you want to raise money for your startup, need to make more sales or want to talk your Mom into giving you more pocket money: a great pitch is vital for your success!

The good news: Even if you´re not a born public speaker, The Pitch Doctor can help you become great at pitching! It´s what he does...

About The Pitch Doctor:

Christoph Sollich aka The Pitch Doctor is a freelance startup consultant specializing in business model generation, marketing and - obviously - pitching.

After writing his diploma thesis about “Virtual Communities” (old-school speak for “Social Networks”) and a detour through advertising (as a copywriter) he started working in startups in 2007, since 2009 as a freelancer.

After winning multiple “Best Pitch” awards (and very few awards for his ideas!) at hackathons and startup weekends, startups started asking his advice about pitching - The Pitch Doctor was born.

He has since helped 100s of startups with their pitches, also working as a pitch coach/mentor for these accelerators/incubators/startup competitions: hub:raum Berlin and Krakow, E.ON :agile, Techstars Berlin, Techstars Metro, Google Launchpad, Bayer Grants4Apps Accelerator, YouIsNow Accelerator, Deutsche Bahn Next Station, Berlin Hardware Accelerator, Berlin Geekettes, Pitch Marathon, Founder Institute...

In his spare time, The Pitch Doctor is founder and CEO (Chief Equine Officer) of ("Collaboratively Consuming Ponies Together"), the soon-to-be-IPOed startup mega-success from Berlin (in funding talks with Ashton Kutcher).